Tim is very driven, professional and takes his client’s best interests to heart. He is also very family oriented with 2 beautiful young girls and a loving wife.

He partnered with his dad, Nick, for a number of years and is now president and owner of Keeler Financial Planning. He is pro- active in expanding his business, always looking for better ways of managing his portfolio.

Ken Norman

“Tim is a thoroughly professional financial advisor. From the moment you walk into his office and meet the professional team I know you will be impressed. The head of the team Tim Keeler always takes time to explain the investment option to you. He really gets to know and understand you.. His assistant Michelle is the most professional assistant I have met. She wants to know if you want to sell at market or do you want to wait for a better price. All sales and purchases are handled vey efficiently. The semi annual newsletter keeps you abreast of the market. I have complete confidence in everything they do for me. The results speak for themselves.”

Peter O’Rourke, Idea Financial

Yesterday, Tim Keeler gave a presentation on why people should use a Financial Advisor to a group of business people, at the Peel Professional City Club in Mississauga. The best part was that Tim spoke in a language and used words that everyone could understand – how unique!!!
I have recommended Tim to some of my insurance clients and he treats everyone the same; with respect. He has the ability to relay a very complicated subject and solutions in simple language. People understand him and I am confident when I recommend my client’s to him. Talk to Tim. He cares.

Rick Mamros. Beacon Insurance

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tim for 15 years and I have enjoyed both working with and knowing him personally. Tim is a dedicated professional that has proven himself to me, and to many others, that his attitude and professionalism are second to none. He is a devoted father, husband and all around family man. Anyone would not only be wise but also lucky to say that they are associated with his man.

Richard M. Kiernicki. POSTIV Solutions Group.

If you’d like to be more confident in your financial future, I’d recommend you speak with Tim Keeler.

Tim brings discipline, knowledge, and strategy to the table. Too often investors are swayed by the chaos of current headlines. Tim’s guidance has kept us on track over the many years of our association, despite the daily distractions in the news.

Together we have set realistic goals, and Tim’s hard work has resulted in portfolio growth. I’m more confident in our financial future as a result of Tim’s involvement.

I’m happy to recommend Tim to anyone interested in building a strategic approach to his or her portfolio.

John Slauenwhite


To whom it may concern:

I’m very happy with Tim Keeler as my financial advisor. Tim and I have been working closely for the last eight years and am very pleased with the results.

Working with a disciplined and knowledgeable advisor like Tim has been of great benefit for me. The professionalism and diligence from Tim and his team have served my family very well and I am confident in the future.

He’s always there when I have questions and will go above and beyond a basic request. I feel as though I’m in good hands with Keeler Financial Planning.

I would feel confident to recommend Tim to my family and friends. His process and strategies help keep investors on track for their financial goals without getting distracted by current news headlines.

With Tim, it’s all about the process and the end goal, not the short term distractions.

The results speak for themselves.

Erick Marroquin



Nothing’s more important to me than my family and their well being. I’ve trusted Tim with my entire portfolio for a decade. As my family has grown, so have by responsibilities. I’ve always felt that Tim has not only my finances but my family in mind as he manages my investments. His sincere, loyal, family approach has always made me feel comfortable trusting him with mine and my families financial security.


Alison Ackerman

Finance Manager at Diebold Company of Canada

I have worked with Tim since the beginning of his career in 1994. When you find a dedicated, educated and committed Planner such as Tim you stay with them for life.
He is one of the most organized and driven individuals I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.
A true family man, I don’t know how he finds the time to not only be an amazing father to 2 young girls, but also manages to stay at the top of his game in the financial world.
His results speak for themselves and his clients reap the rewards of his business acumen.
If I ever have a question or do not understand something, Tim will ALWAYS take the time necessary to explain things to me which is paramount to a great client relationship.
I couldn’t think of another person more deserving of praise for what he does and how he goes about accomplishing it.



J.D. Tobin Izatt